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Hilton Head Sunrise

Sunrise over the Atlantic – Click image to enlarge

I just got back from a family vacation in Hilton Head Island, SC.  We had a fantastic time, and no one wanted to go home when it was time to leave….that’s a good sign that everyone had a great time, and we’re already making plans to go back again!  Of course, I took all of my camera gear, but I didn’t spend as much time shooting as I usually do.  Photography wasn’t the priority on this trip, but I definitely did “some” shooting.  Our rental house was just a short walk from the beach so I got up early every morning to photograph the sunrise.  I was amazed at how many people were out on the beach walking and running at 5:50 AM!  When I thought about it, I wasn’t all that surprised since its cooler then and very quiet and peaceful.

Unfortunately Mother Nature didn’t completely cooperate with me for good sunrise photography….it rained on me twice and even though I stayed out there I didn’t get any breaks in the clouds, and two other days there were heavy clouds on the horizon again without any breaks in the clouds.  As all of us photographers know, if you aren’t “out there” you aren’t going to get the shot so I was persistent and kept going out every morning and I did get two nice mornings to shoot before the week was over.  The image above was taken the first morning we were on the island which also happened to coincide with low tide.  This situation provided a great opportunity to get some interesting reflections and I took advantage of it.  In this image I positioned the camera very low, just above the sand, and captured a reflection of the rising sun in a tide pool along with a nice foreground of many little reflections off the rippled wet sand.  I really like this shot!  For the image below, I set up the camera at the bottom of a sand dune so I could include the pattern of the vines growing in the sand and exaggerate the height of the dune, and position the fence and sky at the top of the frame.

Sunrise (and sunset) is a great time to shoot, but you have to work fast since the wonderful golden color from the low angle of the sun doesn’t last long.


Sunrise on Hilton Head Island – Click image to enlarge


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Old Rusted Truck


End of the road – Click image to enlarge


A photographer friend of mine told me about an old rusted truck he had photographed recently in Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park, just southwest of Columbus, OH.  After he showed me a few pictures that he had taken of it, I decided to go photograph it myself since I had not photographed this type if subject before.

Battelle Darby Creek is one of the larger metro parks in the system and features more than 7,000 acres of prairies, fields, and forests along the Big and Little Darby Creeks.  The Darby Creeks are noted nationally for their tremendous diversity and abundance of aquatic and terrestrial plants and animals.  Fortunately I knew the general area of the park that the truck was in, but I had not hiked the trail the truck was on.  My friend told me that the truck was hidden by trees and bushes and hard to see even though it was not more that 10-15 feet off the trail.  He was right, it was definitely hard to see and only after a few helpful text messages from him was I able to find it.  By the time I started shooting, it was after 7 PM and the light was already starting to fade given that the truck was situated in a relatively heavily wooded part of the park so I had no more than an hour to work.  As you can see there isn’t much of the truck left, but fortunately there was room all around the truck so I was able to shoot from a variety of angles and perspectives.  It was a fun shoot and a nice little adventure.

Looking through the rear window – Click image to enlarge


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