Buy Prints

I print all images personally and ship them directly to you.  Each image has three size options – 12 inches X 8 inches, 15 inches X 10 inches, and 18 inches X 12 inches to allow for different display options and a choice of photographic finishing and paper:

  • Glossy finish – for the glossy “photo lab” look with bright, rich and vibrant colors.  Glossy paper reflects the most amount of light, so your eyes will see the most color saturation, density, and brightness
  • Luster/Satin finish – what you’d expect from traditional photo lab prints. Luster and satin papers print bright colors and sharp details but because of their textured surfaces they lower reflections compared to glossy paper and make prints more resistant to fingerprints and smudges.
  • Matte finish – with matte paper details are “king.” Matte paper is free of surface texture or reflections so every detail in the image is faithfully displayed with wonderfully saturated and bright colors.

All prints are produced on paper which is larger than the image size itself (i.e. a 12 inches X 8 inches print is actually produced on 13 inch X 9 inch paper) to allow a margin for framing and displaying in any way you choose.

If you’ve seen an image on my website that’s not included below, please send me an email and I’ll be happy to print it for you.  Also, if you need a size that’s not available to be ordered (i.e. an 10 inches X 8 inches or 14 inches X 11 inches) let me know that as well since most images can be printed in these sizes although some cropping of the original image could occur.

To order, simply add any of the images to your cart by clicking the buttons below – size and finish options will be presented in a pop-up box and can be selected during check-out.  Payment can be made securely through PayPal.