About Jeff Sagar Photography Prints

Print Quality

I use a high quality printer with inks and paper rated to last in excess of 100 years without fading as long as the print is framed, under glass and not in direct sunlight.  All of my prints are made on your choice of premium matte, satin/luster, or glossy paper.

I make the prints myself, so I control the final output and make sure that you receive the best possible quality I can make with NO compromises.


Delivery Expectations

How long before my print is delivered – that’s everyone’s main question after placing an order?

Since I make all the prints myself, not only will you get the best possible quality, but I can turn the order around quickly.  Normally, I’ll have your print in the mail to you within 24 to 48 hours so you should have it in about a week.

If you need your print(s) in a hurry, or simply need to know if it’s on its way, just send me a note via my Contact Page.


Print Warranty

I fully guarantee that my prints will not fade or deteriorate provided that they are mounted using archival materials, kept under glass, and are not in direct sunlight.  If properly cared for they will last for as long as you own them.

Unfortunately, I cannot warrant against accidental damage on your part (e.g. if you tear it, scratch it, spill something on it, etc.).


Color Matching

Just so you are aware, the print you receive will probably not be an exact match to what you see on your computer monitor.  It will be a close match, but unless you use a calibration device to adjust your computer monitor every week or so, it may not be an exact match.  The reason is that every computer monitor is a little different.  It might be a little brighter or darker, or maybe has a slightly blue or red cast to it.  The bottom line is that the image you see on your computer monitor is nowhere near as good as an actual print.  You’ll love the print when you see it!


Return Policy

I put a lot of effort into capturing and printing a great photograph and want you to enjoy it for a long time and be excited to show it to your friends and family.  If for any reason you are not satisfied with a print simply return it in its original condition within 30 days for a full refund.