Dublin Ohio

In 1802, Peter and Benjamin Sells of Pennsylvania purchased a bit of land along the banks of the Scioto River where Historic Dublin now stands that included several hundred acres for their brother, John. Within a few years, John Sells and his wife came to claim the land. Sells hired an Irish gentleman, John Shields, to assist him and they began to survey lots for the town in 1810.

Legend has it that John Sells gave the honor of naming the town to Shields who saw the beaming sun on the surrounding hills and dales and became nostalgic for his birthplace of Dublin, Ireland. Dublin, Ohio was incorporated as a village in 1881 but didn’t become a city until 1987. Today, nearly 42,000 residents call Dublin home.

Below are some of my images of the Dublin area.


Historic downtown DublinIrish With An AttitudeHistoric downtown Dublin areaBridge Street bridge over the Scioto RiverLeather Lips MonumentIndian Run Falls