Bieber Mill Ruin (a.k.a. Carpenter’s Mill)

About a year after Ohio became a state, the first mill in Delaware County was built at Liberty Settlement in 1804 along the banks of the Whetstone River, now called the Olentangy River.  By 1832 the community had grown large enough that it was granted a post office and the town officially became known as Carpenter’s Mill.  The post office remained until 1837.  In 1843-44 a 3-story frame gristmill was built, and a few years later James Bieber bought the mill.  Over the years the mill was very successful so a 3 ½ story stone mill was built next to the original frame gristmill that housed a sawmill on the first floor.  Unfortunately the old frame gristmill met the fate of many other mills and was destroyed by a fire.  Due to the proximity of the stone mill, it was also destroyed losing its roof, floors and massive beam structure in the fire.

Today about a quarter mile south of the intersection of US Rt. 23 and Ohio Rt 315 on the east side of the Olentangy River stands what is left of the Bieber Mill.  The skeleton of the original structure is quite impressive, with 3 feet thick walls made of cut limestone.  The side that faces the river is still intact and as you can see in the image below the mill was a very large structure.  The other 3 sides remain as well but have deteriorated.

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Bieber Mill Ruin River Facing Side – Click image to enlarge


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