North Coyote Buttes – The Wave

The Coyote Buttes Wilderness is a protected area managed by the Bureau of Land Management and is subject to a lottery driven permit system that only allows 20 people per day to visit the area. This may seem very restrictive, but the permit system is meant to protect and preserve the delicate formations within it. Within the North Coyote Buttes lies the crown jewel of the area, a magical formation called “The Wave.” From the first time I saw a photograph of it, I knew I wanted to see it with my own eyes. The area is a true wilderness area so it is very remote, the hike to and from The Wave is very strenuous, and there is no water, food or facilities of any kind. Cellular service is not reliable and finding The Wave requires you to navigate by looking for specific landmarks. The hike and photography was an amazing experience…I hope to be fortunate to get another permit some day, one trip to The Wave was not enough…Mother Nature’s artistry never ceases to amaze me!