A Hidden Gem

Sagurm Waterfall – Click image to enlarge

Photo by Ken Wurm – Click image to enlarge

Presidents Day in the US, Monday February 20thwas a holiday for me so I decided to spend the day photographing in one of my favorite locations, Hocking Hills State Park in southeastern Ohio.  Fortunately my good friend and fellow photography enthusiast Ken went with me.  It was great to have some company, and Ken didn’t mind leaving at 6:30 AM so we could make the most of the day!

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The Old Man’s Cave Gorge is the most popular area in the park and rightly so, it has 3 waterfalls (Upper, Middle, and Lower Falls), several nice cascades, the “Devil’s Bathtub (the subject of a previous post), and numerous interesting sandstone formations along its half mile length.  It’s a photographer’s paradise, but on this occasion Ken and I decided to bypass it and hike the 6 miles roundtrip from Lower Falls to Cedar Falls and back in hopes of finding some icicles, waterfalls, and other interesting subjects to photograph.  During the first 2 miles of our hike we did find icicles, 2 overhanging waterfalls and some nice creek scenes so we were pleased with the photography so far.  Just as we wondered if we’d find something special Ken and I could hear water falling on the other side of the creek but we couldn’t see where it was coming from.  We hiked a little further, just past some large fallen rocks and we could see water cascading over some rocks at the top of the gorge.  The title of this post, “A Hidden Gem” says it all; after we crossed the creek and climbed over some rocks, we found a beautiful waterfall hidden away in a nicely shaded area off the main stream.  It would have been very easy to have hiked right on by and never heard the water falling had we not been looking and “listening” for interesting subjects to photograph.  We spent the next hour or so photographing the waterfall from every possible angle enjoying every minute of it.  As far as we know, the waterfall is unnamed and is probably one that only appears when there has been enough rain so we felt fortunate to have found it.  As we left our special waterfall, almost at the same time we said, “That was really sweet!”  We named it the Sagurm Waterfall, the combination of our last names.  I hope you enjoy our waterfall!

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To see more images of Hocking Hills State Park and the waterfall, please visit my gallery here.  If you have any questions about my photography or my website, please send me an email.

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