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Broad Street Bridge, LeVeque Tower, & Ohio Supreme Court – Click image to enlarge


Earlier this week I met up with some fellow photographers to do some night photography along the riverfront in downtown Columbus Ohio.  Along the riverfront where the Scioto River flows through the city, the City of Columbus built a very nice “urban oasis” made up of some 145 acres of parkland from the Arena District to the Whittier Peninsula  with an integrated system of parks, boulevards, bikeways and pedestrian paths with fountains, restaurants, benches, swings and various attractions called the “Scioto Mile.”  Some of the main attractions are an amazing 15,000 square foot interactive fountain and an authentic replica of the Santa Maria.  Many of the bridges and buildings are attractively lighted which adds even more atmosphere to the area after dark and are the main subjects for our camera’s this evening.  Taken from the promenade along the east side of the riverfront, the image above includes the Broad Street Bridge, AEP Building, LeVeque Tower, and the Ohio Supreme Court.  Below is a close-up of the Rich Street Bridge.


The Rich St. Bridge accented by blue lights - Click image to enlarge

The Rich St. Bridge accented by blue lights – Click image to enlarge

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