Sunrise from Sanibel Island, Florida – Click image to enlarge


The yard was covered with about an inch of snow this morning, and we’ve had snow showers off and on throughout the day.  With winter showing no signs of releasing its grip on central Ohio, I thought I’d share a nice warm Florida sunrise with you that I captured last fall.

This sunrise was captured from Sanibel Island, Florida last October when my wife and I vacationed there.  Unfortunately, it was also the last day of our vacation, but it was a dramatic yet beautiful sunrise to end our trip on.  For this particular image, I waited until the sun rose high enough in the sky so that it was partially hidden by the clouds and for some seagulls to fly by in the right place in my field of view.  Out of about a dozen shots, this is the one I liked best.  The city skyline on the horizon is that of Fort Myers.  It’s amazing how much the look of the sky can change in just a matter of a few minutes.  The image below was taken 5 minutes earlier when the sun was hidden more by the heavy band of clouds and as you can see in the lower left corner of the image there is a rain shower in progress north of the immediate downtown area.


Sanibel Island Florida Sunrise with rain shower – Click image to enlarge

Today is March 1st so at least we are getting closer to spring and hopefully some nicer weather isn’t too far away.

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